Fábio Neves

Designer de Multimédia
My name is Fabio Neves and i am 30 years old. I am a person in love with what I do. I love to draw, to listen to music, going to movies, going to the gym and hanging out with friends. In 2013 I graduated in multimedia desig nand joined the multimedia content production area in a business of education and technology, in the heart of Lisbon. At this stage I consolidated my knowledge in media and in some technologies such as Moodle, HTML and CSS, and acquired design knowledge of responsive web pages. I have made projects for large Mozambique companies such as: Moza Bank, Barclays, Standard Bank, Universidade Catolica de Mozambique e Universidade Pedagogica. I was part of a large project to (USAID ) - United States Agency for International Development (Mozambique ) in coordinating the development and layout of scientific articles and an interactive e-book. In Portugal I was part of the PPT project development (Portugues Para Todos ) for ACM (Alto Comissariado para as Imigracoes ) and IEFP.

I am also a freelance designer and I have recenlty completed a Portuguese Language Multimedia Course for the IPOR (Instituto Portugues do Oriente ). Macau, the course serves as educational resource for teachers in (b-learning) and consists of exercises and interactive audiovisual content.

I am available to carry out projects to level (1)design, web, and video production and content development.

I'm near a click www.fabio.pt

Thank you!

932 555 722 | geral@fabio.pt | www.fabio.pt